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Our Photostudio is the leading one in Rhodos, and one of the best in Greece...

About Smile & Clik

We are a team of experienced professional photographers. Our photostudio is the leading one in Rhodos, and one of the best in Greece. Welcome to our Website!

Smileandclik is Professional Photography Service that exist since 90's. Each of our photographers have about 10 - 15 years working experience in different photography areas. We professionally doing Advertising Photography, Wedding Photography, Aerial Photography, Family Photography, Photos for special purpose and promotion etc. Also we have our Design Service and within it we offer all kinds of services in Web design and Print design.

Smile & Clik Services

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Wedding Photography

Portrait Photography

Tourist Photography

Web Design

Lifestyle Photography

Brochure Design

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Our Awesome Team

We are comitted to provide a level of quality, professionalism and personal service that will exceed your expectations.

Nenad Janosevic

Operating Manager

Jasmina Dimitrijevic

Office Manager

Klaus Widler

PR Manager

What our fantastic clients say

" I just wanted to express my thanks for the amazing job you did making photos of and my family during our vacation on Rhodos. You and your colleagues photographers did fabulous job and we are very grateful that we found your service. You recorded our best moments during our holiday on this beautiful island and for us it’s the most wonderful memories. The end results really exceeded our expectations."

"Dear Smileandclik,
We just wanted to say how delighted we are with pictures you did for our family. It is always realy risky moment booking someone you’ve never met to shot family photos. But, after you did wonderfull job for us we are so happy and your photos adorn our house We are very proud with your job.You’ve certainly proved to be very professional and generous. We will definitely recommend you to other people."

"I think you and your photographers did fantastic job of our wedding photos and you provided us very professional Smileandclik service at all of our needs. You made myself and my beautiful wife feel like your most important clients and not like regular customers. I truly mean that, I am so glad that we choosed your amazing service."

Smile & Clik Media Room

Smile & Clik Promos, Rhodes Hotels, Touristic trips...

Smile & Click Recruitment Procedure

Belgrade and Athens 2016

Aerial Photography

Wedding Photography

Tourist Photography

Portrait Photography

Brochure and Flyers Design

We can design prospects for your hotels, but also, when the prospect is completed, convert it to a digital online publication.

Lifestyle Photography

Web Design

Small part of projects created for some clients all over the world...

Caffe Grunf

Arthesign - Art & Design Webshop

Gustav Achu Inspirational Speaker

SloAudit Consulting

Interested for creation of your New & Amazing Website in most popular Wordpress system?

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Phone: +30 694 560 0904

S&C Careers 

> Professional Photographer
> Web Developer
> IT Operations Manager


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.


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